As a pump manufacturer with original technologies,Fuji Techno is striving to remain unique.

Fuji Techno was established in 1955 for pump distribution business.
In addition, the sales network to widen
Fuji techno supported the global activity of the customer.
Furthermore our sales network supports
customers’ worldwide operations.

Sales of super metering pump
various companies have been adopting Super Metering pumps such as engine manufacturers of aircrafts, rockets and automobile, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations of universities, Aerospace Exploration Agency, etc.. The markets have recognized.

■Manufacturing and selling of an internal gear pump(Inscribed gear pump)
The internal gear pump (inscribed gear pump) corresponding to a conveyance-of-petroleum use is mainly manufactured and sold. Changes of a pump specification and additional processing are done at Fuji Techno so that products can be prepared in according with orders and in a timely fashion.Manufactur

Sales of industrial pumps
While the magnet pump which is available for no leak transportation and the rotary vane pump which is most suitable for the transportation of the water-soluble liquid are small, I sell hydraulic motors providing high torque in rotating at low speed.

Sales of accessories
Fuji Techno is handling accessories for pump systems such as safety valves, filters, nozzles and couplings. Based on expert knowledge as a pump manufacturer, Fuji Techno select andprovide the accessories the best suited for a required system and operation conditions.