1955.01Founded Fuji Shoten
1957.04Started dealing in Trochoid Pump from
Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd.
1960.09Established Fuji Shoten Co., Ltd.
Capital: 1,500,000 yen
1962.01Established Nagoya Office
1974.11Developed an oil pressure driving
nozzle tester for Diesel engine
1976.06Developed a foot-operated
nozzle tester with treadles
1982.06Developed a nozzle tester using
air pressure
1983.08Developed a Super Metering Pump
(Non-pulsation plunger pump)
1983.09 Changed the company name to
Fuji Techno Industries Co., Ltd.
1985.11Start selling Super Metering Pumps
2002.04Moved our office and warehouse to
new address.
2003.05We debut in Germany at ACHEMA2003
2005.03We are approved for ISO9001status
(Registry Number:JQA-QMA12076)
2005.08Capital stock of 100,000,000 yen
2006.03Our Chinese subsidiary Jia Xing Xin Ren
Precision Pump Corporation is established.
2006.06We open an exhibit in Chicago at the
international plastics showcase NPE2006
2006.08We’re awarded the Industry change
promotion grant
(Number: FRT Research Institute #14-6)
2007.04Management reformation law is recognized.
Osaka prefecture ordered to uphold # 1059-21
2007.07Chinese subsidiary Jia Xing Xin Ren
Precision Pump Corporation officially
opens for business.
2010.10We received “Osaka Monodzukuri
(creative design and manufacturing) Spirits”
award from Osaka prefectural government.
2014.05Introduce a PV system
2017.08Nagoya Office is relocated
2017.09Yokohama Office is opened
2020.01Yokohama Office moves to the Kanagawa Office
2024.02I renewed a website