■Structure/Specially Designed Cams for the Triplex-plunger Drive.
■features/Flow reproduction ±0.1% or less
■Flow rate/15.3ml~117.8L(/min)
■Viscosity range/1~100(mPa・s)
■Temperature range/-30~200(℃)

■Structure/Trochoid rotor
■features/Waste oil and Anaerobic liquid supports
■Flow rate/1.4~117(L/min)
■Viscosity range/2~500(mm2/s)※OIL
■Temperature range/-5~200(℃)

■Structure/Magnetic non-contact drive
■features/No leak transportation
■Flow rate~140(L/min)
■Viscosity range/Low viscosity
■Temperature range/~300(℃)

■Structure/Vane slide rotor
■features/Low vibration・Gas and water-soluble liquid correspondence
■Flow rate/0.95~15.5(L/min)
■Temperature range/Low temperature

■Structure/Internal gear
■features/Compact size・High torque from a low turn
■Applications/machinery, cranes for industrial machinery, winches, such as a belt conveyor which requires a large force, 

■Adjust nozzle
■Auto Cleaner
■Oil filters
■Metal-free safety valve
■Chain coupling
■Power lock
■tools/Carbide end mill