SMP is a pulse free metering pump which can feed liquid in an ultra-precise manner.
SMP is the fruit of Fuji Techno’s own ideas and technical expertise in both design and manufacturing. When it comes to an ultra-precise control of liquid feeding, Fuji Techno offers the solutions.

The features of a Super Metering Pump.
●Discharge accuracy of ±0.1% or better(flow reproduction in units of time)throughout a specified flow rate range. More accurate than a flowmeter.
●Fairly constant flow rate even under varying discharge pressure.
●Flow rate is perfectly proportional to pump speed.
●It is a reciprocating pump and pulse free.

Specially Designed Cams for the Triplex-plunger Drive.
Three of specially designed cams D keep the total volume of fluid discharged constant by the reciprocation movements of three plungers.  In the discharge process, each of the plunger E moves in at three different speeds so that the flow rate is constant at all times regardless of the number of plungers in action in every phase.  Furthermore, the flow velocity at the suction end is kept constant that prevents the occurrence of cavitations. Also, the design enables very smooth movement of the check valve ball resulting in very marginal pulsation. This also leads to very little wear to the valve balls and the valve seats over time. Consequently, high accuracy and long durability is achieved. Because of ultraprecise processing of cams and liquid end parts in micron scale, flow reproduction is within ±0.1%.

Mechanical Return System of Plunger.
The mechanical return system, which enables the rotation of the cam gives the very accurate reciprocating movement of the plunger due to the cam and cam-follower being fastened together as one unit. This makes the suction and discharge flow rates identical. This mechanical return system has been adopted for the special triplex-plunger drive mechanism of the HY pump series only in the world. There is no delay in the return stroke of the plunger, even at high rotational speeds and in the use of highly viscous fluids,

Line mixing and emulsification
Without pulsation, excellent retention of characteristics of liquid in a constant volume and smooth liquid transfer can be achieved in proportion to the pump speed. By using a line mixer or a line homogenizer, mixing or emulsification can be done instantaneously in the feed line. This removes the need for a batch system typically used in the past.

Precision coating
Uniform coating can be achieved due to the extreme benefits of no pulsation and constant volume. Pump performance is not affected by pressure variations in the discharge side. Also, there are no air bubbles generated by pulsation. Thus, SMP is very useful in continuance coatings like dip coating and roll coating.

Precision cleaning, Precision spraying, Spray drying
Unlike other pumps, the discharge flow rate does not vary by the pressure fluctuation in the discharge side because the pump is resistant to a pressure change.
The HY pump Series can precisely feed liquid to a kneader in a highly viscous environment with constantly stable volume.

Feeding additives in ratio to extruder
Because of no pulsation and constant volume, feeding additives or foaming agents into the Ire taro extruder results in the superb product quality such as a very uniform diameters of particles.

Dosing line
Highly precise dosing can be achieved very easily by the position control feature of a servo motor.

Jacket to control liquid temperature. Liquid purge to wash out liquid between seals. Gas purge to handle water reactive liquid. Dual pump head to double a flow rate.

Metal free specification
All liquid end parts are metal free suitable for applications to use highly corrosive liquid (e.g. strong acid) or liquid, which must be kept away from iron ion.

Precision feeding unit “Iretaro”
Iretaro is a unit, which consists of Super Metering Pump (core), a tank, a control board, etc.
It is fixed on the hand cart for easy mobility.

LCD Injector
LCD injector can feed the liquefied carbon dioxide precisely and continuously for a long period for plastic foaming.
A temperature regulator is used to control liquid temperature.

Portable unit specification
HYM portable unit consists of Super Metering Pump HYM, Motor, Speed-Controller and Touch-Screen.
Immediately after turning on the power, this product is ready to use.

Control system
The dedicated system control software developed to run up to five remotely located pump controllers through PC.