The most important feature of it is that the magnet pump, that there is no leak in the seal-less structure.
Since the shaft passes through the liquid side from the outside, the normal pump, leakage will occur from the gap between the shaft and bearing.
Magnet pump, to transmit power to use the power of the magnet.
There is no need to penetrate inside a sealed container with a hole shaft, requires no shaft seal.
Structure is simple, maintenance is excellent in heat resistance, durability and resistance to pressure.
If you want to transfer the liquid with a negative effect on contact with air, you are the greatest effect.


Vanes fixed to the rotor slot to be pulled out by the centrifugal force of the rotation and sliding along the cylinder wall and preside over the space.
Eccentric rotor mounting is pump using the principle of operation and the volume of space, is divided by a vane reaches where compressed and increases the pressure.
Regardless of the pressure, flow rate keeps almost constant. The unique design eliminates contact between the metal and reduce the starting torque and vibration also delivers a quieter ride.


Inscribed gear type hydraulic motor with increased hydraulic efficiency based on a new principle ever.
Simple structure and powerful design that incorporates a mechanism to control valve cavitation naturally flow pressure oil, Provide high torque at low speed rotation despite its compact size.
Designed for complete lubrication to operate is completely immersed in hydraulic fluid is circulated basic moving parts, it is very economical in the long-life motor.
Machinery and transport equipment, loading and ships specially equipped vehicles, construction machinery, cranes for industrial machinery, winches, such as a belt conveyor which requires a large force, has been widely active.